Best Runescape Gambling Websites

Runestake - The #1 OSRS & Runescape Gambling Website
Runestake launched in 2021 and quickly became the fastest and most trusted Runescape Gambling Site. They offer a variety of provably fair games and have instant deposits and withdraws. They are the only alternative to the Runescape Duel Arena. Staking, Chest Unboxing, Slide Roulette, and so much more. They are the #1 OSRS & Runescape Gambling Website.
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Runebet (Closed)
Runebet was a OSRS & RS3 Gambling Website run by Fishy. They offered a variety of games to their users but ended up shutting down at the beginning of 2021. Users of the website slowly started to migrate to Runestake because they offered better games and instant withdraws and as a result Runebet closed it's doors. Click the details button below to hear more about Runebet.
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Tokenbets (Closed)
TokenBets was one of the proprietors of Runescape Gambling. They were the first to do it and they did it in the right way. Click the details below to read up on the history of TokenBets.
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Other Runescape Gambling Websites

Runehall is just another Runescape Casino that is banned on forums for scamming.
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An ancient dinosaur of the past, Dragondyce was one of the last IRC gambling clans in the world. After shutting down, most of the DragonDyce users migrated to Runestake because IRC is a thing of the past.
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BigBoiBets was one of the proprietors of Runescape Gambling. BigBoi bets was the original Runescape Poker website. Since their closure their domain was purchased by Runechat and they actively try to direct users to their website in order to scam them. Steer clear of their website because they are tarnishing the old owners trusted business.
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Rune365 opened up in 2020 as another mediocre copy paste website code. The owners of Rune365 are the same owners of Runechat which has over $10,000 in outstanding debt because they scammed their users. Rune365 is just another cash grab in order to scam as many people as they can. Click the details below for a detailed review on one of the biggest scam sites on Runescape.
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OSchips was founded in 2021. The website has no users and the owner just recently scammed. I would highly suggest you stay away from this website but if you want to read up on it click the details button below.
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Runechat has been scamming their users day in and day out since the beginning. They offer a plethora of non-provably fair games and even if you do defy the odds, you will not be cashed out your profits. Runechat is banned on many platforms for stealing money from their users. Click the details button to read the long list of Runechats scams.
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OSRS gambling

Our listings provide you with up to date information on a monthly basis in relation to who offers the best OSRS gambling experience on Runescape. This list is created by players, for players. We try to establish exactly who offers the most competitive gambling odds and provides players the best OSRS gambling experience possible. We are not associated with most of the websites on this list in any form!


Runestake is the #1 OSRS gambling website in the world. Runestake brought back the OSRS duel arena when it was removed by Jagex. No other Runescape gambling website has been as successful as Runestake in the entire history of Runescape, Runestake is the #1 most trusted place to do OSRS gambling in the entire world, with thousands of vouches and a provably fair system and OSRS duel arena.


Runechat was founded by scammers from gambling clans during the flower poker and dicing days in-game on Runescape. While Runechat has a long and storied history, much of it is sadly filled with scamming. We highly advise avoiding Runechat unless you wish to be scammed, while they appear legitimate with smaller bets, it is a well known fact that Runechat maliciously tries to scam its bigger customers without their knowing.


Runehall is a scam website, it does not even show up in Google because it's been banned there for being a dangerous/scamming website. We highly advise avoiding Runehall whether you want to bet small or big, Runehall is a scam.


Oschips is an OK place for Runescape gambling. While we always suggest Runestake, OSchips has had no active scam accusations against them, however their offerings in terms of games and odds are fairly poor.


Bigboibets shut down around two years ago, if you wish to gamble now and were a fan of Bigboibets, please visit


Tokenbets shutdown previously, please visit Runestake to be able to do Runescape gambling safely now!


Dragondyce is a IRC, viewed as ancient by many, their clan still tries to uphold a banner of legitimacy from the old days, however Dragondyce is far past it's prime and no longer relevant in todays OSRS gambling scene.