Rune365 (Scam Site - Owned by Runechat)

Rune365 (Scam Website)

Review of Rune365 (Scam Website)

Rune365 opened up a little bit over a year ago. Rune365 is owned by another website called Runechat which is notorious for scamming their users in any way they can. Runechat users have left their website for better alternatives, such as Runestake, so they decided to copy their code over to another website and continue to scam their users. is a widely known Runescape Black Market website where loads of trusted users buy/sell Runescape gold. Runechat/Rune365 has been banned on their site for well over 5 years because of the outstanding debt of $10,000+. Below I will link the threads in which they scammed their users and blatantly try to steal as much money as they can.

Runechat/Rune365 Scam Reports:

By now you should have a firm understanding of the types of people that run Runechat/Rune365. If you deposit your money, you will be scammed.

If you're looking for a OSRS & RS3 Gambling website look no further than Runestake.
Runestake offers a variety of games and is by far the #1 Runescape Gambling Website. Not only do they offer fun and interactive games to wager your OSRS & RS3 Gold, they are the only Runescape Gambling Website to offer rewards and rakeback to their players.

Here is a genuine review of the website despite all of the above being true.

Trust: 0/10 - They scam their users on a daily basis by refusing to cash them out when they win on their games. Even if a game is fun, what's the point in risking your money for the inability to make profit?

Games: 5/10 - They have many games to play but they are all very low quality and often bug resulting in losses of money to users.

Community: 2/10 - The website is mostly dead because they have already scammed anyone who could frequent their site.

Rewards: 0/10 - They don't have rewards.

All in all, Rune365 is a horrible representation of how a Runescape Gambling Site should operate. If you're looking for a unique experience I would suggest you look into Runestake as they are the fastest growing and most trusted Runescape Casino. They offer a plethora of games and by far one of the best rewards and rakeback system in the Runescape scene. I would suggest checking them out for sure.

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