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Runebet was founded in 2015 and quickly became the go to website for Runescape Gambling. Despite their growth, Runebet had a terrible track record on trusted forums. Runebet was banned from a popular forum known as for scamming upwards of $5000 dollars from their users. I will link a list of reports below. (Some of these are refunded)

Runebet Scams:

Runebet offered a plethora of provably fair games such as Dice, Roulette, Crash, Mines, Kino, and Limbo.

Here's my honest review of first hand use on the site:

Games: 8/10 - They had a wide variety of games and they were high quality.

Trust: 5/10 - Runebet was banned on many Runescape Black Market forums for scamming and their withdraw times were rather slow. You did eventually get your money but it seemed predatory to block withdraws in order to force users to gamble their money.

Rewards: 2/10 - Runebet had rewards but they were very lack luster. 2% rakeback which is basically nothing.

Community: 7/10 - Runebet community was actually rather large. Fishy's online presence from YouTube was a big boost in the size of the community.

Since closing all of the Runebet users have migrated to significantly better platforms such as Runestake where they can gamble OSRS & RS3 Gold and actually secure profits their profits on win.

If you're looking for a OSRS & RS3 Gambling website look no further than Runestake.
Runestake offers a variety of games and is by far the #1 Runescape Gambling Website. Not only do they offer fun and interactive games to wager your OSRS & RS3 Gold, they are the only Runescape Gambling Website to offer rewards and rakeback to their players.

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