Review of Runehall

Runehall opened it's doors at the beginning of 2022. Runehall is owned and operated by some of the old owners of Runebet which have been banned on multiple platforms for scamming.

Below I will give a rating on some general points about the site and then go into a in depth reason behind the ratings.

Games: 4/10 - 7 games but they are very low quality and often have bugs.

Community: 3/10 - Not much social interaction occurs on the website. The chat is often dead because of lack of players.

Trust: 6/10 - Runehall doesn't scam their users but they are very slow on withdrawals. This is one of the most important factors in any Runescape Gambling Website and they lack here heavily.

Rewards: 7/10 - Runehall offers tiny rewards to their VIP's but it is a step above other sites with the exception of Runestake.

Runehall Games:

Runehall just feels like one of those copy pasted code sites that is just a cash grab. Whenever I signed up I felt like I had been on this exact same site, getting the exact same slow support, and slow withdraw times. The community is rather dead and not many people use the website because there's better alternatives. Runehall is legit at the end of the day but I feel like they aren't anything unique and can't be doing significantly better.

All in all, Runehall is just your average Runescape Gambling Site. They aren't mediocre by any means but they aren't anything exceptional. If you're looking for a better experience I would suggest you look into Runestake as they are the fastest growing and most unique OSRS & RS3 Gambling Website

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