Runestake - The #1 OSRS & Runescape Gambling Website

Runestake - The #1 OSRS & Runescape Gambling Website

Review of Runestake - The #1 OSRS & Runescape Gambling Website

Runestake is simply the best Runescape gambling website out there. It really blows all of the other sites out of the water. Every single time I have been on the website I have gotten immediate support, instant deposits and withdraws, and the ability to hang out with one of the best communities on Runescape.

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Runestake currently offers the following games

1. Duel Arena - In Game Staking: Runestake has a sophisticated software that allows users on the site to stake each other in game using their own account. They provide you with an account for free if you don't have one as well.

The best part of their in-game dueling game is that PvP is only 1% tax per stake. If you're impatient and don't want to wait you can also go vs a host for 5% tax per stake. This is one of the most neat games I have ever seen because you get to do the duel yourself. The first time I played it felt like Runescape staking had never been removed. I've profited around 4b in the past few weeks from their duel game alone.

2. Slide: Their slide game is basically like a Roulette wheel. It's a unique game that no other site has and it's so thrilling to play.

You can bet on 3 options; Swords, Hat, or Bow. If you bet on Hat or Bow and it lands on it you get 2x your bet. If it lands on Swords you get 14x your bet. It's such a fun game to play with others because you can follow the streaks together and profit big. The minimum bet on it is very low as well so you don't have to have a lot of Runescape gold in order to play.

3. Chest Unboxing: Runestake also has a chest unboxing game where you can unbox chests and win high jackpots in Runescape Items like Twisted Bow's and Elysian Spirit Shields.

I love the Tiara Juicer Chest. It's by far my favorite one because in order to open it you only have to pay about 7m OSRS and you can win a prize that's worth 6.5b OSRS. No other site has chests like this and it's so fun to spin and win a huge jackpots. Nothing feels better than a 150x profit on your investment.

Deposits & Withdraws - 10/10

Every single time I have played on Runestake I have deposited in less than 5 minutes and withdrawn in an even shorter amount of time. They actually pay you out if you win no matter the amount. No other site I have ever played on has done that.
Rune365, Runechat, and Runehall all make you wait to withdraw your money. They do this to prey on their users because they know they will end up gambling their Runescape Gold back.

With that being said, Runestake's trust factor is a 10/10

Community: 10/10

Runestake's community is like no other. Their Discord is active 24/7 and they welcome all their users with open arms. There's guides in the Discord on how to play their games, support systems for tickets, Moderators who actually clean up the site, and constant giveaways. They give so much money back to their users and to people in the Discord.
No other community compares to the community they have built.

Rewards - 9/10

Runestake is the only OSRS & Runescape 3 Gambling Website that has proper rewards. You get a daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback that is based on your amount wagered and what game you play on. They also have chests and caskets that you can open in order to get even more rakeback. I love their rewards system because it makes leveling up actually worth it and fun. I didn't give it a 10/10 simply because it isn't very easy to understand and there's not a lot of information on how it works. I had to ask around with staff to figure it out but they were very helpful in guiding me through it

If you're looking for a Runescape Casino than Runestake is everything that you are looking for. Click my link down below in order to signup. It helps me out a little and improves the quality of research on the site.

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