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TokenBets was one of the proprietors of Runescape Gambling. They were the first to do it and they did it in the right way.

TokenBets offered the following games:


TokenBets was one of the few legit sites in the Runescape community that stayed legit until the end of it's era.
If you're an old TokenBets player and you're looking for an alternative than I would suggest that you try Runestake. Check them out on the main page.

Even though TokenBets was an old site, it was way before it's time. Here's a review of my experience from when I played on it for the short time it was live.

Trust: 9/10 - Always paid out when you needed them to.
Games: 7/10 - Games were low quality but they were extremely fun
Rewards: 0/10 - TokenBets didn't have rewards
Community: 10/10 - The community on TokenBets was like none other. Poker was a huge deal here and they had Friday & Saturday night poker tournaments. Never had more fun in my life.

Seeing as TokenBets is no longer online, I have re-directed their website link to Runestake because it is the only legitimate website left.

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